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The Next Web of 50 Billion Devices: Mobile Internet’s Past, Present and Future

The Next Web of 50 Billion Devices: Mobile Internet’s Past, Present and Future
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 1499146698
Wonder how the Internet of Things and connected wearables relate to the mobile Internet juggernaut? Interested in the native apps vs. mobile web debate and the future of HTML5? Curious about the Internet of balloons, drones and satellites? Then this book is for you.
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What is the Internet of Things? How is it evolving seamlessly in multiple dimensions? How does it relate to connected wearable devices like Google Glass? What’s its relation with mobile Internet and its vehicle smartphone? Where do weather balloons, drones, fiber and satellites fit into this twenty-first century network juggernaut? Here comes a book that provides answers to all these questions and makes the sense of it all.

The Next Web of 50 Billion Devices looks into the future—the Internet Things—by analyzing the past: mobile Internet. In between these two technology parables, the book delves into the present—native apps vs. web tug of war—and provides a detailed treatment of HTML5 and mobile browser technologies and their business prospects.

Next, The Next Web of 50 Billion Devices chronicles prominent efforts to develop infrastructure for this twenty-first century network—from GPRS to LTE-based 4G—and presents mobile commerce as a case study of how this modernistic network establishment is evolving. The book also takes a close look at what tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are doing to claim their stake in the next Internet gold rush. Moreover, The Next Web of 50 Billion Devices profiles mobile web pioneers such as Mozilla, Nest and Opera.

• How the Internet of Things is converging with wearable computing
• How wearable devices are changing the face of the Internet
• New fronts of mobile Internet in the guise of visuals, location and more
• The anatomy of mobile browsers and their assimilation into the cloud
• The truth about native apps vs. web techno war and the future of HTML5
• The coming bandwidth challenges and the Internet of drones and balloons
• An authentic history of mobile Internet and the Internet of Things
• How iPhone reinvigorated mobile Internet and created apps economy

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