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Essential 4G Guide

A modern history of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is apparently the next big thing, but it tends to appear in different ways to different people. To some it’s all about connectivity of the web of devices and to other it’s synonymous with sensors and wearable devices. And the scope of IoT is expanding by the day—to smart lighting,… Read More »

The Age of Mobile Wallet

  1999: Smart Money The Philippines launched the first commercial mobile payments system on the platforms provided by the country’s two large mobile operators: Globe and Smart.     2006: PayPal Mobile The PayPal Mobile service leveraged the e-commerce stalwart’s ability to effortlessly connect its customers to bank accounts and credit cards, and allowed users… Read More »

Mobile Commerce: The Early Milestones

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By Majeed Ahmad 1997: The use of the mobile technology as a payment gateway had started in Helsinki when a company owned by Coca-Cola installed two mobile-optimized vending machines. These machines accepted payment via text messages. Merita Bank of Finland launched the first handset-based banking service using SMS. NTT DoCoMo launched the first successful mobile… Read More »